About DBOT

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, The Delaware Board of Trade Holdings company leverages and showcase the State of Delaware corporate and legal infrastructure. DBOT should be synonymous with the State of Delaware driving innovation, creativity, productivity, job creation and start-up businesses.

DBOT is a marketplace that serves:


Whether your company is getting ready to go public, transferring, or entering the U.S. markets as an international company, Delaware Board of Trade has the resources and support to create greater visibility and liquidity in the investment community.


Delaware Board of Trade promotes capital growth, liquidity, security and transparency to the OTC markets. Investors can effectively analyze and trade in a more efficient financial market.

Market Makers and Brokers

DBOT ATS (Alternative Trading System) provides an electronic platform for trading Over-the-Counter (OTC) Equity Securities. DBOT ATS delivers products and services that reduce complexity and provide market making opportunities for the OTC dealer community.



Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Inc.

The Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Inc. operates three companies: (i) DBOT ATS LLC, their SEC recognized Alternative Trading System; (ii) DBOT Issuer Services LLC, focused on setting and maintaining issuer standards, as well as the provision of issuer services to DBOT designated issuers; and (iii) DBOT Technology Services LLC, focused on the provision of market data and marketplace connectivity.


DBOT is a FINRA Member Firm, and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”), that operates a fully automated, auto-execution Alternative Trading System (“ATS”).