Board of Directors

Alf Poor

Alf Poor serves as CEO & President of Ideanomics and President of Fintech Village, the Innovation and technology campus in West Hartford, CT. Alf is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

Alf is a client-focused and profitability-driven management executive with a track record of success at both rapidly-growing technology companies and large, multi-national organizations. His expertise includes, business planning and financing, creating and implementing corporate governance and policies and managing across the organization. Alf is specialized in working with cross-border and multinational start-ups, and their clients, with a focus on organizational efficiency, execution and delivery. He is experienced at identifying and establishing relationships with C-level decision makers and bringing new, differentiated products to established markets.

Kate Lam

Highly regarded for her capital markets skills across Asia and U.S., Kate has more than 25 years of financial markets experience dealing with a multitude of asset classes and institutional clients. In addition to her extensive finance experience, Kate also spent a few years at a fintech startup, where she was instrumental in obtaining various regulatory licenses and helped design a compliant investor interface. Her skillsets bridge the gap between traditional finance and new technological innovations. In addition, Kate has expertise in multiple areas of finance, financial products, and securities regulation technology.

Prior to her work at startups, Kate Lam held senior management positions at Deutsche Bank, Bear Stearns and Standard Chartered Bank with a global client base of financial institutions such as international banks, central banks, funds and insurance companies.

Kate Lam received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania. She continues to lecture and speak on topics such as fintech, digital financial products, and digital transformation.

Tony Sklar

A seasoned communications specialist, strategic innovator and technology evangelist, Tony brings over 15 years of business and digital leadership experience to Ideanomics. This includes sourcing strategic deal flow, partnerships and distribution and driving engagements that fuel revenue and global market growth. Tony has served as a reporter for various international news outlets including Business Network Television and Far From TV. He has served as an investment advisor, an equities and options trader and, during his time at Winmax Trading Group, a Director of Business Development. He has assisted listing companies on both US and international exchanges and brought a corundum/sapphire mine to commercial production. Throughout his career, Tony’s work on behalf of clients has been recognized by Mobile Marketing Association, The GSMA and the Consumer Electronic Association.

His insights on Blockchain and IoT have also appeared in a range of media from Lima Charlie News to a Better Mouse Trap and Wired.

Tony received a BS in psychology and biology from the University of British Columbia, studied banking, corporate finance and securities law at the Canadian Securities Institute and attended the Digital Business Leadership program at Columba Business School. He continues to lecture and speak on topics such as Fintech, the IoT, Digital Transformation and Lean Launch Pad methodologies.

John Wallace

Before assuming the role of Chairman and CEO of the Delaware Board of Trade, John was the President and Managing Partner of Philadelphia Financial Services, LLC (“PFS”). His company provides consulting services to firms in the financial services industry.

The majority of his career, John was a senior executive & officer of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange ("PHLX"). John started at the PHLX in 1964, and became a member of the PHLX in 1971. John served as a member of the PHLX Board of Governors from 1984 until August 2008. During his tenure at the PHLX John held several senior positions including Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He traded on all floors of the exchange in the capacity of a specialist/market maker on the options and equity floors, as a floor broker for equities, options, and currencies. In addition to his service as Chairman of the PHLX Options Committee and member of the PHLX Executive Committee, John served on virtually every PHLX Committee and chaired the following PHLX committees: Admissions, Allocation, Arbitration, Elections, Evaluation and Securities, Finance, Long Range Strategic Planning, Marketing, New Product Development and Nominating. John also served as Chairman of the Board of the Stock Clearing Corporation of Philadelphia, Chairman of the Board of the Philadelphia Board of Trade, Chairman of the Board of the Philadelphia Depository Corporation and a board member of the PHLX's technology subsidiary, Advanced Tech Source Company. Over the course of his career in the securities industry, John has also been a member of the Toronto Stock Exchange, a seat owner of the New York Mercantile Exchange as well as registered with the National Futures Association as a floor broker.

On July 24, 2008, the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. acquired the PHLX. Following the acquisition, John was Vice Chairman of NASDAQ OMX PHLX.

Upon leaving NASDAQ OMX PHLX, John was a founder of Miami International Holdings, Inc. ("MIH") a company focused on building exchange technology. He served as the President - Chief Executive Officer and was on the board of directors for MIH.

John is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. He served for 27 years in the United States Army, the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard; he retired holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. John saw active duty in Grenada in 1983 with 1st Special Operations Command and Desert Storm from December 1990 to July 1991 with the Third U.S. Army. He is a graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College and the National Emergency Management Institute of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Michael Ramone

Michael graduated from St. Marks High School in 1979. He attended the University of Delaware from 1979 through late 1982 when he opened his first business, Ramone’s Flower Shoppes. Since 1982, Michael, a true entrepreneur, founded, owned and operated multiple local businesses with his wife, Lisa, of 29 years. Together, they currently own six successful businesses and employ over 200 individuals throughout the year. The businesses include the Delaware Swim and Fitness Centers, the Delaware Swim Team, Aquatic Management Systems and BC Communities.

Michael serves on the board of trustees of Yes U Can USA Foundation and the Make-a-Splash Foundation Delaware. He served as treasurer for Delaware Chemo-Care Foundation and is past President of the Pike Creek/Hockessin Rotary. He is an active member of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and the Delaware PTA.

As a state legislator, Michael sits on the following House committees: Joint Sunset Committee; Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce; Housing and Community Affairs; Revenue and Finance; Veterans Affairs; and Labor. Additionally, he serves the people of our state as a member of the General Assembly Kids’ Caucus, the House Small Business Caucus and the Family Law Commission. He was also honored to be asked to serve on two of the Governor’s Councils – the Governor’s Mentoring Council for Children and Youth and the Governor’s Council on Health, Promotion and Disease Prevention