General Trading Guidelines

Pricing Tick Increments

DBOT ATS follows the following rules around price tick increments:
  • The pricing tick increment for orders for securities priced above a $1 is 0.01.
  • The pricing tick increment for orders for securities priced at or below $1, a tick size of 0.0001.
Rounding Method for Tick Increments for Order:
  • Bid prices are rounded down and ask prices are rounded up to the nearest step.
  • For example: submitting a Bid of 1.234 rounds it down to 1.23, and submitting Ask of 1.234 rounds it up to 1.24
Trading Lots:
  • The trading lots are actual shares.
  • Round lots and odd lots.

Subscriber Minimum Display Size Requirements OTC Equity Securities

The display order limits for the minimum size are defined in the table below. In this regard, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to determine the minimum size requirement applicable to its firm bid and/or offer in each of its registered securities. Depending on the price level of the bid or offer, a different minimum size can apply to each side of the market being displayed by the member firm in each security.

Price (Bid or Offer) Minimum Display Size
0.0001–0.0999 10,000
0.10-0.1999 5,000
0.20–0.5099 2,500
0.51–0.9999 1,000
1.00–174.99 100
175.00+ 1