Issuer Qualification Sheet

Delaware Board of Trade Issuer Qualifications

Prime International Venture
Country Origin Domestic Global U.S. & Canada
SEC Registration Yes Yes Yes
SEC Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Annual Audited Financial Statements Yes Yes Yes
Interim Reports Quarterly Quarterly Semi Annual
Auditors must be registered with PCAOB Yes No No
Financial Requirement None None None
Testing the Waters N/A N/A Yes
Maximum Dollars Raised per 12 months No Limit No Limit $50 million
Foreign Listing Requirements No Yes No
Operating History 1 year 1 year None
Blue Sky Requirement No Yes No
Minimum Price 0.01 0.01 0.01
Public Float 100,000 Shares 100,000 Shares 100,000 Shares
Minimum # of Shareholders 50 50 50
Market Capitalization $5 million $5 million $20 million initially
Other No Bankruptcy or Shell No Bankruptcy or Shell Company No Bankruptcy or Shell Company
DTC Eligible Security Yes Yes Yes
Annual Shareholders Meeting Yes Yes Yes
Independent Board of Directions Majority Majority Majority
Audit Committee No No No
Nomination of Directors Independent directors Independent directors nominate Independent directors nominate
Code of Conduct Yes Yes Yes