Market Tiers

The Delaware Board of Trade has three distinctive tiers: The DBOT Prime®, The DBOT International® and The DBOT Venture ®. Applicants must satisfy certain financial, liquidity and corporate governance requirements to be approved.

DBOT Prime

DBOT PRIME is the OTC marketplace that provides a superior alternative for selected securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered companies not listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. These securities are higher quality than pink sheet securities. Pink Sheet securities do not comply with SEC reporting requirements.

DBOT International

DBOT International provides foreign companies looking to access the U.S. Capital markets in a cost efficient way. Global companies can trade their ADRs or foreign ordinary securities that are listed on non US Exchanges, with minimal effort under exemption 12g3-2(b) of the Securities Exchange Act. International companies can list on DBOT without having to comply with Sarbanes Oxley standards. This provides substantial legal and accounting cost savings. International companies that want access to the U S capital markets can avoid the costs and requirements of listing on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

DBOT Venture

The DBOT Venture marketplace offers investors transparent trading in early stage and developing U.S. and Canada companies. These DBOT Venture standards consist of certain requirements adopted by Delaware Board of Trade to prescribe the rights, privileges and obligations of companies with securities traded on the DBOT Ventures marketplace. They are intended to outline for businesses and investors the standards that a company must meet to be eligible to be traded on the DBOT Venture market.

Application and Qualifications

In addition to a completed Issuer Application, a company needs to submit an Issuer Agreement, a Corporate Governance Certification Form and a Logo Submission Form, all of which are available electronically through the website. Prior to approval, DBOT may require additional information and supporting documentation. The only document required for initial submission is the application. The application processing fee of $5,000 is non-refundable.

Before completing your application electronically, please take a few minutes to review the DBOT ISSUER’S GUIDE. Questions regarding the process should be directed to New Issuer Qualification staff at 302-295-3636.

Once your application is submitted, you may submit any changes directly to